Building Bridges: How Renegade is Revolutionizing Crypto Accessibility

Sam kamani
June 11, 2024


In a recent episode of the "Web3 with Sam Kamani" podcast, we delved into the transformative journey of Daniel, the founder and CEO of Renegade. Renegade is a groundbreaking company aiming to merge traditional finance with the burgeoning world of cryptocurrencies.This blog post highlights key insights from the podcast, exploring how Renegade is making crypto accessible for everyday users and the challenges they’ve faced along the way.

The Vision Behind Renegade

Daniel's journey began in venture capital and family offices, where he realized the untapped potential of blockchain technology. Inspired by the Ethereum white paper, Daniel founded Renegade with the vision of simplifying crypto transactions. Renegade aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies by providing users with an IBAN account and Visa cards, allowing seamless crypto transactions in daily life.

Overcoming Initial Challenges

The early days of Renegade were marked by significant hurdles. One of the biggest challenges was securing partnerships to issue IBAN accounts and Visa cards. This required navigating a stringent compliance process. Unlike many crypto projects that start with a white paper and a token sale, Renegade began by developing their product and securing essential partnerships, ensuring a robust foundation for their services.

Simplifying Crypto Transactions

Renegade addresses the complexities of buying and using cryptocurrencies. For many, the process of acquiring crypto can be daunting, involving multiple steps and technical knowledge. Renegade’s solution integrates traditional banking with crypto, offering users a familiar interface. Through the Renegade app, users can fund their IBAN account with euros and purchase cryptocurrencies with a single click. The app also features Visa cards that allow spending crypto just like fiat currency.

Expanding Access Globally

Renegade’s vision extends beyond Europe. They are implementing strong on- and off-ramping systems in various regions, including Latin America and Asia. This global approach aims to facilitate cross-border remittances, providing a cheaper and faster alternative to traditional methods like Western Union. For instance, users in Spain can send stablecoins to their family in Colombia, who can then convert it to local currency seamlessly.

Innovative Features for Everyday Use

Renegade’s app is designed with user convenience in mind. It offers:

- Real IBAN Accounts: Users can handle everyday banking tasks, like paying rent and utility bills, directly from the app.

- Crypto and Fiat Transactions: Users can choose to pay with crypto or fiat at the point of sale, with the app handling conversions in real time.

- User-Friendly Interface: The app’s design ensures ease of use, even for those new to cryptocurrencies. Features like facial recognition for wallet access make it accessible to a broader audience.

Legal and Compliance Framework

Renegade’s commitment to compliance sets it apart in the crypto space. They have invested heavily in legal opinions and compliance measures to ensure their operations align with European regulations. This approach not only builds trust but also positions Renegade for long-term success in an evolving regulatory landscape.

The Road Ahead

Renegade is poised for significant growth. They are currently hiring developers to build an in-house team in Madrid and seeking additional funding to expand their services. With plans to integrate DeFi protocols and launch new features, Renegade is set to make a substantial impact on the crypto ecosystem.


Renegade is a beacon of innovation in the crypto space, making digital currencies more accessible and practical for everyday use. By bridging traditional finance with blockchain technology, Renegade is paving the way for a future where crypto is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. Their journey is a testament to the potential of thoughtful, user-centric design and compliance in driving the adoption of new technologies.

If you’re interested in learning more about Renegade or joining their mission, stay tuned to the "Web3 with Sam Kamani" podcast for the latest updates and insights from industry pioneers.

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