Among top 5 Web3 podcasts globally
Among top 5 Web3 podcasts globally

Web 3 Podcast
with Sam Kamani

Join us for talks with leaders like Vitalik Buterin, Yat Siu, and other experts from ENS, Kraken, and more. Listen now to connect with the visionaries and dive into the digital revolution.

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About the Podcast

"Web 3.0 with Sam Kamani" is your ultimate guide to understanding the transformative power of Web3. This podcast dives into the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution, showcasing the latest advancements and innovations.Join us for in-depth discussions and interviews with leading experts in Web3 technologies, including NFTs, Blockchain, Crypto, DAOs, DEX, DeFi, Semantic Web, AI/ML, Smart Contracts, Metaverse, Stable Coins, Zero Knowledge Proofs, and more. Gain unparalleled insights and connect with the visionaries shaping the digital future.

For the past 3 years, we have been at the heart of major tech events such as Collision Conference (Canada), Web Summit, Gitex (Dubai), Token 2049 (Singapore), South East Asia Blockchain Week (Thailand), Web3 Festival (Hong Kong), ETH Denver (USA), and many more. We've had the privilege of interviewing founders of the most influential blockchain and crypto funds, protocols, exchanges, and venture funds in the Web3 space.

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Be a Guest on the Show

At the "Web3 with Sam Kamani" podcast, I engage with transformative founders and visionary investors in the Web3, AI, Fintech, and GameFi sectors. If you are a founder creating groundbreaking solutions or an investor specializing in these areas, I want to hear from you.

Please note that due to my travel schedule and commitments at events, it may take some time for me to respond. I appreciate your understanding and look forward to connecting!

Ask a Question

I love to answer your questions about Web 3.0. If you have any questions about Web 3.0, please send them to me here.

I will do my best to answer your question in the next episode, or I will find and interview a guest speaker who can provide the answer.

What people are saying...

Web 3 Mastery

"Sam came highly recommended to me by one of my most trusted advisors. Having been an early adopter and innovator for Web 3, I believe we are finally seeing our first wide scale utility adoption of decentralized technology with NFTs paving the way for all the use cases that will come in all..."

David - Supply Chain Web 3 via Apple Podcasts
United States of America
Great entry point to the web3 world

"Sam is a great podcast host! He explains everything in a very simple and easy to understand manner so everyone can get a sense of what is web3 and how one can get down the rabbithole!"

glfin via Apple Podcasts
A great door into the world of Web 3.0

"Lots of people think they're too late to the Web 3.0 scene. That couldn't be further from the truth. This is a great podcast to learn the fundamentals and find new and promising projects along the way!

Wmboy via Apple Podcasts
New Zealand
Exceptional Podcast!

"Sam is one of the few thought leaders I've seen in the Web3 space who walks the talk. He understands the subject matter just as well as the incredible guests he brings onto his show. I'm so excited about Sam's journey with this podcast. I can say with utmost confidence that his pod will go on to become one of the top Web3 podcasts in the world! Keep inspiring Sam, Brenden"

Brenden K. via Apple Podcasts
Really fascinating!

"One of the few podcasts about Web 3.0 where I'm interested throughout the entire episode. Really excited to see what topic Sam will talk about next!"

Jasvin K via Apple Podcasts
Great podcast

"5 stars. Period. Great podcast and very useful to me. Keep raising the bar!"

Venkat Hari via Apple Podcasts
United States of America
Would 100% recommend it!

"One of my favorite shows🙌☺️🙏🏽”

mlecours93 via Apple Podcasts

"Love all the knowledge you share🙏🏽"

Pat Ach via Apple Podcasts
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A brand logo of one of our events and PR PartnersA brand logo of one of our events and PR PartnersA brand logo of one of our events and PR PartnersA brand logo of one of our events and PR Partners
A brand logo of one of our events and PR PartnersA brand logo of one of our events and PR PartnersA brand logo of one of our events and PR PartnersA brand logo of one of our events and PR Partners

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