The Future of Crypto Investments and Innovations with Jose from Metis

Sam kamani
July 10, 2024

In the 134th episode of the Web3 with Sam Kamani podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jose from Metis. We discussed the future of crypto investments, the innovations at Metis, and what lies ahead for the Web3 community. Here are the key takeaways from our conversation, providing valuable insights for both investors and developers.

1. New Investment Vehicles: ETFs and Yield-Bearing Assets

Jose highlighted the potential rise of new investment vehicles like ETFs for cryptocurrencies. These ETFs won’t be limited to Bitcoin and Ethereum but will include indexes of various major cryptocurrencies. This development is expected to attract significant new investments into the industry, bringing fresh capital and increasing adoption.

Additionally, the concept of yield-bearing assets like Ethereum and staked ETH is gaining traction. In a high-inflation environment, investors are seeking alternative assets that offer pure yield without the drawbacks of inflation. This trend could lead to more money flowing into the crypto space as investors look for stable and profitable options.

2. Metis: Enhancing Ethereum's Efficiency

Metis is a Layer 2 solution built on Ethereum, designed to make the network more efficient and user-friendly. Jose explained that while Ethereum is secure and decentralized, it often suffers from congestion and high fees. Metis addresses these issues by creating an external lane for collective transactions, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Metis leverages Optimistic Rollups and innovative data availability solutions to achieve the lowest fees among Ethereum Layer 2 solutions. This makes it an attractive option for developers and users looking for cost-effective and scalable solutions on the Ethereum network.

3. Sequencer Decentralization: A Major Milestone

One of the most significant achievements for Metis has been the decentralization of its sequencer. Unlike most Layer 2 solutions that rely on centralized sequencers, Metis has implemented a decentralized sequencer rotation. This enhances security, prevents censorship, and ensures network liveness even if one sequencer node goes down.

The decentralized sequencer also aligns incentives across all network participants, including node operators, builders, and end users. This alignment is crucial for fostering a healthy and robust ecosystem.

4. Community Involvement and Incentive Alignment

Metis places a strong emphasis on community involvement. Recently, they conducted a community testing activity for the sequencer decentralization, which saw over 300,000 participants and 11 million transactions. This initiative helped stress-test the network and onboard new users into the Metis community.

Jose also stressed the importance of proper incentive alignment in driving adoption. By creating sustainable incentives, projects can attract and retain users. This principle has been evident in past crypto booms, such as DeFi Summer and the NFT craze, where incentives played a key role in attracting users.

5. Future Trends and Mass Adoption

Looking ahead, Jose predicts that new forms of ETFs and yield-bearing assets will continue to drive adoption. For the broader audience, the rise of SocialFi (social finance) platforms holds promise. These platforms can offer new social layers on crypto networks, providing users with decentralized, secure, and gas-free transactions.

6. Metis Ecosystem Development Fund

To support growth and innovation, Metis has launched the Metis Ecosystem Development Fund. This fund, worth close to half a billion dollars, is dedicated to incentivizing development within the Metis ecosystem. It offers grants, liquidity mining incentives, and other support to attract developer talent and build robust applications on Metis.


Metis is paving the way for a more efficient and user-friendly Ethereum network. With a focus on decentralization, community involvement, and incentive alignment, Metis is well-positioned to drive adoption and innovation in the Web3 space. Investors and developers alike should keep an eye on Metis and the exciting developments ahead.

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