Unlocking the Power of Decentralization with Jesse Berger

Sam kamani
June 11, 2024

Jesse’s Journey into Entrepreneurship and Web3

Jesse’s entrepreneurial journey began early in his life, driven by a passion for building businesses. After graduating from film school, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in movie production. Jesse quickly realized that producing a movie is akin to building a startup. You start with an idea (the script), raise funds, assemble a talented team, create the product (the movie), and then market it to the audience. This experience laid the foundation for his future ventures.

The Birth of Rowdy

Jesse’s current venture, Rowdy, aims to solve a common problem: lack of internet access. Many people, even in metropolitan areas, often find themselves without reliable internet connectivity. Rowdy provides guest WiFi solutions for businesses like hotels, restaurants, and cafes. These businesses offer free internet to their customers in exchange for an email address, allowing them to build a database and engage more effectively with their patrons. This approach not only helps businesses improve customer loyalty but also bridges the connectivity gap for users.

Insights on Raising Capital

Raising capital is a crucial aspect of any startup journey. Jesse has successfully raised over $30 million as a founder and hundreds of millions as a film producer. His key advice for founders is to focus on the exit strategy from the beginning. Investors are more interested in how they will get their money back than in how you will spend it. Clear, detailed business plans and financial models can help you articulate your vision and reassure investors about their returns.

Decentralization: Challenges and Opportunities

Jesse is passionate about decentralization and its potential to transform industries. However, he acknowledges the challenges, such as the lack of customer service and security concerns. Despite these hurdles, Jesse believes decentralized technologies can provide the foundational infrastructure for new, innovative centralized services. For example, Rowdy’s WiFi solution uses the PKT network, a decentralized network, to offer privacy and VPN services.


Jesse’s journey highlights the importance of adaptability, innovation, and a clear vision. His work with Rowdy and his insights into decentralization offer valuable lessons for entrepreneurs. By leveraging decentralized tools to build centralized services, businesses can create robust, innovative solutions that meet real-world needs.

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